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When exploring the beautiful city of Torrance, California, there is something to do and see for everyone in the family. From the latest trends in fashion to historical museums, there is never a dull moment in a town filled with rich history and modern excitement that will get any traveler eager to start exploring.

The Del Amo Fashion Center

If you or someone you know has been bitten by the shopping bug, then the Del Amo fashion center is a must-see location for any shopper. With clothing stores, restaurants, a movie theater, and so much more, Del Amo offers something for everyone and will please even the pickiest of shoppers. From Barnes and Noble to Brooks Brothers, a shopper looking for some movie memorabilia or a new Tuxedo will find a store that suits their needs and keeps them exploring for hours. There are arcades and movie theatres for some nighttime fun and the wide selection of restaurants will please even the pickiest of eaters. 

The Western Museum of Flight 

Torrance has a rich history of aviation and its Western Museum of Flight pays tribute to some of the greatest creations that brought man among the clouds and beyond. The museum houses aircraft from World War two that helped America win the war and even has some experimental aircraft that shaped some of the planes our military uses today. One of the coolest exhibits on display at the Western Museum of Flight is the YF-23A. This experimental fighter jet went head-to-head with the military’s current F-22 raptor in a competition to build Americas stealth fighter jet. This is one of only two ever built and it is truly a once in a lifetime experience to see this incredible aircraft in person. Learn more about The History of Torrance.

The Chen Art Gallery

For the more reserved tourist, the Chen Art Gallery is a private display of some of ancient China’s finest pieces of art. Just a glance at the stunning architecture and design at the museum itself lets you know that what’s inside is going to be spectacular. A complementary tour will be provided to all guests n either English or Mandarin and usually last around 90 minutes. Visitors will be exposed to Chinese art and artifacts that span 5000 years of Chinese history and give a glimpse into the inspirations that Chinese artists work with today. There are many Famous People from Torrance.

Wilson Park 

For the nature lover, a relaxing walk through Wilson park will calm the mind. With farmer’s markets on the weekend, plenty of animals, walking trails, and even miniature train rides on certain days. Of you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Californian life, Wilson park has the space and freedom to just sit back and enjoy the weather.

Smog City Brewing

After a long day of exploring the city, relaxing and enjoying a freshly brewed beer is just what the doctor ordered. Offering a wide selection of craft beers and a great atmosphere, Smog City Brewing is the perfect end to any great day exploring Torrance. Make sure to also see some of the Best Restaurants in Torrance.