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The City of Torrance, California has a unique and humble start that has allowed the city to grow and blossom into what it is today. By understanding the vision of the cities founder and how that played into the town’s development, you will see the town as a living and growing body that remains prosperous today.

New Beginnings 

Torrance, California was founded fairly recently in 1912 by Jared S. Torrance. Torrance purchased the land that was designated for industrial use and decided he wanted to turn it into a residential community. Thanks to the industrial design of the land that was made to facilitate large manufacturing plants, the city was able to benefit from the improved water transportation and air flow that prevented the city from getting drenched in smog like some of its neighboring towns. Torrance has the vision to create the “Modern Industrial City” that would be able to house many residents and also support the growing industrial needs of the region. There are also many Beaches in Torrance.

A Welcome Surprise 

Torrance had seen a steady growth in population and industrial interest as its founder was investing his own time and money to increase the value of the City. After his passing 1921, the city of Torrance became formally recognized as a city in California. With the discovery of petroleum and the rising popularity of the West-Coast, people were coming from all over the country to make a living in California. Los Angeles saw the most growth, but Torrance still benefited from the eager citizens looking for a new opportunity. Petroleum and oil fields really put Torrance on the map as big names came in to drill for oil and brought with them increased capital and people. The industrial design of the city also allowed new industries like agriculture and retail to thrive and saw the city increase in population. Learn more about Things to do in Torrance.

The War and Beyond 

The American war machine was jolted awake after the attacks on Pearl Harbor ad the West Coast became the new location of the Pacific fleet. The need for oil, rubber, and aircraft all skyrocketed with Torrance answering the call of duty. Torrance became a hub for soldiers transferring overseas to war and was providing the military with essential oil and aircraft to fuel the war machine. After the war had been won, Torrance returned to its quiet beginning state until a boom came in the 1950s. The realization of untapped land and potential in the region allowed Torrance to increase in population and capital rapidly. Torrance went from a city of 20,000 to over 100,000 in less than a decade making it one of the fastest growing cities of the time. See: Famous People From Torrance.

Torrance California Today

Torrance has truly come into its own since its inception and Jared S. Torrance would be proud of what his vision has become. Torrance currently has a balanced mix of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces that all work together to create a prosperous town. Be sure to also check out the Best Restaurants in Torrance. The town has the potential to keep growing into a prosperous and efficient American city with its people’s dedication for growth.