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An attractive and white smile is instantly noticed by others and projects an earned sense of self-confidence. Not every person has the ability to showcase a perfectly white smile, but modern dentistry procedures are making it easier for average people to improve their smile. Our Torrance teeth whitening expert dentist knows the importance of a great smile and how a discolored smile can affect self-image and attitude. The implementation of teeth whitening procedures is producing whiter and brighter smiles for patients that experience teeth discoloration.

Teeth whitening treatments work by whitening the tooth enamel. Our expert in Torrance 90504 Teeth Whitening will tell you that frequent consumption of sugared drinks, citrus products, heavy smoking or certain medications can quickly discolor the natural whiteness of tooth enamel. When brushing or flossing is not enough protection, a teeth whitening treatment can help restore teeth to a natural white color. Moreover, excellent oral hygiene helps to strengthen the tooth enamel that works to repel staining and discoloration. Existing dental work including crowns, bridges or fillings can be replaced to match the new shade of the teeth after the whitening treatment, if desired.

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Teeth Whitening in Torrance CA

There are multiple ways to administer teeth whitening treatments. Our Torrance cosmetic dentist can help you decide what is the best treatment for your needs. All treatments include a concentrated dental gel that is applied to the upper and lower teeth. This special gel is used to help dissolve the surface staining that usually exists on stained teeth. The gel is allowed to penetrate into the tooth enamel to produce the whitening effect. This modern treatment can be completed quickly and there are no side effects. Our expert in teeth whitening in Torrance can whiten your teeth in this way by several shades to produce a naturally white smile.

Aftercare procedures are important to maintaining the quality of your smile, so do not leave the office without asking our expert in teeth whitening in 90504 Torrance about them. A detailed schedule will be created to ensure that your teeth remain healthy and white. Standard brushing and flossing combined with routine dental checkups ensure the quality of the newly whitened smile will remain. A teeth whitening procedure will likely need additional applications as teeth become stained over time due to dietary choices and age. Our Torrance dentist can make it possible to receive a whiter smile that can be displayed with confidence to the world.

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