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When the tooth nerve becomes infected with decay or bacteria, a root canal treatment is needed. The tooth is preserved by removing the infected tissue inside of the tooth along with nerve tissue, decay and bacteria. The open space that remains inside the tooth is precisely filled with a medicinal dental material by our own Dr. Robert Mondavi. This restores the decayed tooth to proper functionality and allows the tooth to survive due to surrounding tissue and nutrients from the blood supply.

A root canal treatment saves the tooth from further damage. When treatment is not received, the nerve of the tooth will die and develop infection. Then causing the tooth to be extracted. It is more cost effective to treat the infected tooth instead of removing it. Removal may lead to additional problems for surrounding teeth like shifting or can interfere with bite positioning and eating. In the end, our Root Canal expert in Torrance may need to perform the treatment in the future due to a new infection. In Torrance we provide the Best Endodontics Care for your Tooth.

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Reasons for Root Canal Treatment:

• Tooth Abscess
• Hot or Cold Temperature Sensitivity
• Severe Toothaches
• Swollen or Tender Gum
• Tooth Decay in Tooth Pulp
• Infection on the Tooth Surface or Inside
• Oral Injury or Tooth Trauma

Our expert in root canal in Torrance may require one or two dental visits for completion. Digital x-rays may be required for review of the gum line and infected tooth area. The infected tooth is prepared and protected from surrounding saliva to ensure a dry area. The infected pulp, bacteria and nerve tissue are gently removed from the tooth by our Torrance root canal dentist. Tooth decay can also be removed using the specialized dental instruments.

After the tooth is cleaned, a temporary filling will seal the tooth from exposure. If not the same visit than the next dental visit a build up material will be used after completing the root canal to replace the missing tooth structure and to permanently seal the top of the tooth from exposure and provide protection from damage. It is highly recommended to place full dental crown coverage on the tooth for additional protection and to prevent future fracturing and maintain stability to allow the tooth to function as normal.
To learn more about the root canal treatment, contact our expert Endodontist at our Torrance CA office here.

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