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For the fortunate majority of dental patients, Dr. Mondavi, Torrance general dentist, can provide comprehensive dental treatments required to maintain healthy teeth. The wide variety of services keeps the teeth and gums of patients healthy, clean, and smiling for a lifetime. Dr. Mondavi is trained to prevent, repair, and restore most teeth problems.

Dr. Mondavi, local expert in general dentistry in Torrance, is responsible for diagnosing, treating, and preventing tooth and gum problems for every person that walks through the door of our office. Compressing the duties into “diagnosing, treating, and preventing” does not even begin to explain the many things that our dentist does for our patients.

General Dentistry Torrance

Torrance general dentistry expert, Dr. Mondavi, can do all of the following for patients:

• Fill Cavities: Quickly filling cavities ensures that the tooth will be around for a long time
• Examine X-rays: A good dentist can read the X-rays and prevent or correct problems that are detected.
• Repair fractured teeth: Tooth repair stops pain, saves the tooth, and restores appearance
• Diagnose teeth and gum disease: By examining the teeth, the dentist can recognize the stages of teeth and gum disease and tell patients how to slow or treat it
• Examine mouth tissues to screen for cancer: This is one of the most important duties of a dentist. The earlier a dentist detects mouth cancer, the greater the chance for successful treatment
• Perform root canal surgery: This surgery can stop or prevent severe pain and dental issues from occurring.

The breadth of knowledge possessed by Dr. Mondavi, general dentist in Torrance, might overwhelm the non-dental minded, but there is no need to learn the job yourself. Make an appointment, get to know our dentist who will care for your teeth, and let him do his job. It is extremely important to establish care with a dentist early on and stick with that dentist for life. This means you will have a dentist who cares for your teeth regularly and is knowledgeable about their progression. This early establishment of care for you and your children allows our dentist to better understand history, detect problems earlier, and give you treatments that are suitable for your oral health. After that, it is up to you to keep appointments and alert him of any changes in your teeth.

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