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While there is a lot of talk about the things that can darken your teeth and cause staining, like coffee, berries and wine, there is often very little discussion about the foods that can help stave that problems off. In fact, it is not uncommon for dentists to be unclear about what foods could help do that. However, the research is quite clear that there are a number of foods that, among other things, help harden the enamel of teeth, which is how stains work their way into them.

Here are some foods and drinks that help keep your teeth pearly white:

• Green Tea – The benefits of green tea on your overall health has been well-documented for years, but it turns out that numerous features of it also prevent staining of the teeth. The tannins and polyphenols in it help harden enamel and fight off decay-causing bacteria.

• Dark Chocolate – While this does not apply to milk chocolate, the theobromine in dark chocolate, which gives it the distinct bitter taste, is great for hardening enamel.

• Strawberries – Unlike other berries which can stain teeth, the malic acid of strawberries actively cleans teeth naturally.

• Cheese – Cheese actually increases the pH level of the mouth, making it less acidic. Since acid is ultimately the cause of dental decay and a lot of discoloration, the result is that these things are less likely to happen.

To learn more about what foods are good and which are bad for the color of your teeth, contact our expert in teeth whitening in Torrance for more information.