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Fluoride is a natural mineral that is typically found in many types of food and local water supplies. By strengthening our tooth enamel, fluoride is scientifically proven to help combat cavity growth and tooth decay. Many types of toothpaste contain small amounts of fluoride that are also helpful to your teeth when used on a daily basis. When normal exposure to fluoride does not prevent cavity growth or tooth decay, our Torrance fluoride treatment expert can administer a fluoride treatment during a routine dental checkup. This special treatment will have a stronger concentration of fluoride. This professional treatment is safe and very effective for improving the quality of your teeth.

Our expert in fluoride treatment in Torrance recommends fluoride treatment for:

• Sensitive Tooth Root or Exposed Root Surface
• Irregular Flow of Saliva or Dry Mouth
• Infrequent Oral Hygiene
• Deep Fissures or Pits on Teeth Surface
• History of Tooth Decay
• No Daily Fluoride Exposure
• Frequent Carbohydrate and Sugar Consumption
• Existing Dental Restorations

Fluoride therapy treatments are used by our Torrance fluoride treatment expert to help restore the lost minerals in your natural teeth due to plaque and bacteria. When harmful particles are not removed from your teeth, valuable minerals are lost in a process called demineralization. Fluoride has an opposite effect, as it serves to strengthen your teeth in a process called re-mineralization. Fluoride treatments are combined with good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and regular dental checkups in order to help strengthen teeth and avoid the tooth decay that leads to cavities.

Fluoride Treatment Torrance

Topical fluoride is gained when your teeth are exposed to toothpaste or mouthwash that contains fluoride. The fluoride penetrates the tooth enamel and helps protect against the plaque and bacteria that lead to tooth decay and cavity growth. Our dentist in Torrance can administer fluoride treatments in the office or by recommending home fluoride treatments such as gels, varnish, or foams.

Systemic fluoride is received from many different types of foods and is also located in most municipal water supplies. Our expert in fluoride treatment in Torrance can prescribe your children special fluoride drops or even a gel that is applied directly to their teeth. Close monitoring of this fluoride application is necessary, though, in order to avoid a condition known as fluorosis that can cause white spots to develop on the exterior of the teeth.

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