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Every city has its hometown stars and hero’s, and Torrance, California is no exception. From war heroes to athletes, Torrance has plenty of interesting and influential people who were born and raised in the small city. Learn more about the History of Torrance.

Chloe Kim 

Setting records and taking trophies, Chloe Kim is a 19 year old snowboarder who took the world by surprise when she became the youngest women to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal when she won at the age of 17. Chloe has been competing and winning multiple snowboarding events including being a 4-time X games gold medalist and won two gold medals at the Youth Olympic games, which was another first. She has been setting records and breaking them since 17 and is still going for gold to this day.

Daryl Sabara 

Known for his roles in the Spy Kids series and for voice acting in The Polar Express, Daryl Sabara was an incredibly successful child actor. Daryl has been acting since a very young age and continues to use his talents as a voice actor for many cartoons today. Daryl just recently got married to the popular singer Meghan Trainor where he’s is featured in some of her music videos.

Jeremy Lin 

Playing on teams all across America and even China, Jeremy Lin took the Basketball world by storm in his 2011 season with the New York Knicks. Lin is the first American of Chinese descent to play in the NBA and started his career at Harvard where he launched his NBS career. Lin is best known for his 2011-2012 season where he helped the Knicks win multiple games and created the “Linsanity” that buzzed around his performance. He has since played for multiple NBA teams and now plays for the Beijing Ducks. 

Louis Zamperini 

Even if you don’t know his name, then you probably know his story. Louis Zamperini is a true American hero as he defied all odds and survived some of the most brutal conditions faced for a prisoner of war in the Pacific. The “Torrance Tornado” was an Olympic runner who competed in the 1936 Olympic games and set records at the Berlin Olympics. After his Olympic debut, Zamperini fought for his country during World War 2 where his real story of triumph began. His patrol aircraft lost power over the pacific and he was cast away at sea with his three surviving crewmates for a staggering 47 days before being picked up by a Japanese warship. Zamperini was taken as a prisoner of war where he was beaten and starved for two years as the Japanese used him as a tool for propaganda to make Americans lose hope. 

Zamperini did not give in to the suffering and shared his story and experiences in the book “unbroken,” which was later turned into a hit movie.

Torrance has a broad depth of famous characters who all represent something different. One thing that is true about all of them is they set the bar for their fields and will go down in the history books as legends. Learn about other Things to do in Torrance.

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