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The usage of x-rays helps to detect dental problems that are not visible during an oral evaluation. Digital x-rays provide an instant picture that is transferred directly to a computer. This speeds up the evaluation process and gives our dentist in Torrance valuable information to discover existing or potentially harmful abnormalities to your teeth, gum line, and bone structure. Digital x-rays from our Torrance dental x-rays provider improve the success rate for early detection and reduce the amount of radiation exposure for your safety.

Our provider of digital X-Rays in Torrance may be able to detect the following:

• Periodontal Disease
• Bone Deterioration and Infection
• Tooth Decay
• Irregular Tooth Development
• Tooth Abscess
• Interior and Exterior Tooth Damage
• Oral Cancer
• Root Position Abnormalities

Digital x-rays are required for new patients to establish a foundation for future oral health comparisons. Age, health, medical, and dental history are all factors considered before our Torrance digital x-rays provider begins their work. New digital x-rays can be recommended during checkups to prevent future dental problems.

Torrance CA Dental X-Rays

Dental examinations are routinely performed to evaluate your oral health and help detect any dental problems. These comprehensive exams are completed by our provider of dental x-rays in Torrance.

• Digital X-Ray Evaluation: This in-depth review helps to detect problems such as tooth decay, bone deterioration, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and tooth root positioning.

• Gum Disease Assessment: The gum and bone tissue surrounding the teeth will be reviewed for early or late stages of gum disease.

• Tooth Decay Inspection: The surface, fronts, and backs of teeth are inspected for signs of tooth decay using a series of accurate dental instruments.

• Existing Dental Work Analysis: Placed crowns, fillings, inlay and onlays, bonding, dental implants, and veneers are checked for damage.

• Oral Cancer Screening: Areas of the face, mouth, lips, throat, tongue, and gums are thoroughly examined for signs of tumors or oral cancer.

Your scheduled dental cleaning includes a dental examination and in-depth cleaning procedures.

• Tarter Removal: Tarter, often referred to as calculus, is plaque that has hardened to your teeth. It can form both below and above the gum line and is only removable with a dental cleaning.

• Plaque Removal: This sticky film forms on your teeth after eating or drinking. Plaque has harmful bacteria, saliva, and food particles that can inflame your gums, as well as deteriorate and discolor your teeth.

• Teeth Polish: This removes both plaque and stains that are not removed daily with brushing and flossing. Clean teeth help you to achieve a confident, healthy, and beautiful smile.

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