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When a tooth is damaged or decayed, it needs to be restored to protect it from further damage. Restoring the lost tissue also helps restore the tooth’s function and appearance. If you have a broken tooth, a tooth with a cavity, or a tooth that has otherwise been damaged, our Torrance dental restorations expert can recommend the most appropriate restoration for your needs.

Our expert in dental restorations in Torrance offers a variety of services, including:

Dental fillings
The most common restoration, dental fillings are generally made of composite resin, which offers a strong, aesthetically pleasing restoration for small cavities and areas of damage.

Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that fit over teeth to restore the strength, size, and appearance of the tooth. They can also be used with bridges or implants to replace lost teeth.

Dental bridges
Bridges consist of false teeth supported by crowns and can be used to replace one or a few missing teeth.

Partial and full dentures
Dentures are removable restorations that are used to replace missing teeth, whether you are missing some or all.

Dental implants
Implants replace both the tooth and the root of the tooth.

At your appointment, our Torrance dental restorations expert will create your treatment plan based on the type of restoration you need and the extent of the damage. We may take dental X-rays to ensure the inner structures of the tooth continue to be healthy and intact. In some cases, a root canal treatment may need to be performed before the tooth can be permanently restored.

Torrance 90504 Dental Restorations

Restorations are designed to last for many years. You can maximize their lifespan by taking good care of them with healthy dental habits. Eat a balanced diet, and brush and floss as recommended. Avoid biting or chewing on anything hard, such as ice or fingernails, and do not use your teeth like tools to open packages since this could break or chip your teeth or restorations. Visit our expert in dental restorations in Torrance twice a year for cleanings and checkups.

Call us today to learn more about dental restorations or to schedule an appointment with our team.

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