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Dental fillings are used in dentistry to restore damage caused to individual or multiple teeth. A crack or opening can be caused by an injury, wear and tear, or cavity growth that has escalated into tooth decay. The damaged or decayed material inside of your tooth is removed and filled by our cosmetic dentist in Torrance with a silver amalgam or composite dental fillings. The filling increases the structure and support for your teeth and restores the shape and size of your natural teeth.

Silver amalgam dental fillings were popular before new composite fillings were created, and still are because of their affordability. However, the silver fillings are noticeable on the exterior of each tooth in which they are placed. In many situations, our expert in Tooth Dental Fillings in Torrance recommends the use of composite fillings due to the natural coloring that is available, since these fillings match the color of your natural teeth. A composite filling is the perfect choice when visibility is an issue to your smile.

Dental Fillings in Torrance CA

Reasons to place composite dental fillings:

• Broken, Cracked or Chipped Teeth
• Tooth Decay is Present
• Worn Teeth from Grinding
• Close Spacing Between Teeth

The placement of composite fillings can be completed in a single visit with our expert in Torrance tooth dental fillings. Your damaged tooth will be examined and the tooth will be prepared to receive the composite filling. The damaged area will be cleaned and our Torrance dental fillings expert will place the composite filling on your tooth. The filling will be contoured and shaped to match the look of your natural tooth. The composite filling will then be polished to reveal the completed procedure.

A slight sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures is a normal experience after the placement of a composite filling. This sensitivity will be eliminated when your tooth adjusts to the composite filling, allowing you to resume normal eating and drinking activity.

Proper aftercare instructions will be provided to you when our dental fillings expert completes the procedure. Learning how to care for your new composite filling is important to its durability and health. Implementing a good oral hygiene program, balanced diet and routine dental checkups will help to keep your composite filling and your surrounding teeth healthy.

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