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Dental examinations are an important part of your dental health routine. During these biannual checkups, our Torrance CA dental exam dentist will evaluate your teeth, gums, and other parts of your smile to ensure it is healthy and to provide you with information and recommendations on ways to improve your health.

During your next exam, our Torrance dental office will:
• Evaluate your risk of tooth decay and gum disease
• Determine if you need any restorations or tooth replacement
• Check your bite and jaw
• Take dental X-rays or perform other diagnostics as needed
• Evaluate your dental health and hygiene
• Make recommendations for treatments as needed
• Check for signs of oral cancer

During your exam, our Torrance dental exam dentist will also clean your teeth. Even with the best dental hygiene, it can be easy to miss small areas of plaque deposits, which can allow them to harden into tartar, a mineralized deposit that can only be removed with professional tools. We will remove plaque and tartar deposits, and then polish your teeth to smooth them, remove any superficial stains, and leave your teeth squeaky clean.

Torrance Dental Examination

Before you leave our office, we will review your dental hygiene routine and make suggestions to help you improve your dental health. We may also review your health history and ask about medications or supplements you are taking to ensure they will not have any negative effects and make recommendations to minimize the risks if you do.

Most people need to visit our dental exam expert in Torrance about twice a year, but you may need to visit us more often if you smoke, have systemic health problems such as diabetes, or have a history of dental diseases such as periodontal disease, which you can read more about here. You may also need more frequent checkups if you tend to have heavy tartar buildup or a history of cavities. We can help you determine the right checkup schedule for your dental needs.

Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Torrance.

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