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Teeth can become damaged due to accidents, injuries, oral diseases, or infrequent oral hygiene. There are several cosmetic restorations available to improve the quality and appearance of your teeth. A common treatment that is still used years after its first inception is the dental crown. A crown is designed to function as a covering to a damaged tooth. The crown provides protection from further decay or damage when other restorations cannot be used. Our dental crowns expert in Torrance CA applies dental crowns to improve the strength of the teeth.

A dental crown is precision manufactured to match the existing size, color, and shape your natural teeth. A crown is usually made from porcelain to produce a natural white effect. The crown is applied to restore broken teeth, teeth that are decayed, and teeth that have received a filling or root canal. Our Torrance dental crowns expert applies dental crowns for long-term protection. The total procedure is completed accurately and safely to restore your smile.

Dental Crowns in Torrance CA

Our expert in dental crowns in Torrance does not apply crowns only to cracked or fractured teeth. Normal wear and tear on teeth throughout your lifetime will cause your teeth to change color or produce weakened areas. Certain medications can discolor portions or the entire area of your teeth. Our dentist in Torrance can apply a dental crown to cover a yellowed or stained tooth that cannot be whitened using other cosmetic procedures. The crown will appear like a natural tooth.

The dental crown is so popular that it is used with many cosmetic restorations. The natural appearance of the crown and solid construction makes the crown a perfect protection for use with a dental bridge and dental implants. These procedures rely on dental crowns to compliment the finished oral appearance. Our Torrance CA Dentist will help you to decide if a dental crown is the right choice for your restoration, which with the various options available, an ideal crown can easily be found. Our office uses cosmetic Lava crowns, porcelain crowns, Zirconia crowns, and more, to suit any need and interest.

After application of a dental crown, your oral hygiene routines will not change. Normal brushing and flossing is still required, along with regular dental checkups by our dentist to help keep your teeth and dental crowns clean and healthy.

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