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Teeth that are missing can affect the quality of your smile. People that have gaps where teeth used to sit can become self-conscious and avoid smiling in social settings. The latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry have improved traditional dentistry procedures and smiles can be restored faster and easier. Our Torrance dental bridges expert can apply a fixed dental bridge to provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth.

A dental bridge is constructed with one or more porcelain crowns that are attached to your surrounding teeth and anchored to an artificial tooth to form a bridge to cover the open space where teeth used to be on the gum line. The application of a dental bridge by our expert in dental bridges in Torrance instantly transforms smile quality and helps improve your self-image. The dental bridge is constructed from materials that are designed to have a long-term life.

Dental Bridges Torrance

A dental bridge serves many corrective functions apart from restoring your smile. When teeth are missing, the alignment of your surrounding teeth may begin to shift, causing eating or speaking problems. The dental bridge will restore the alignment of your teeth and help to correct eating or speaking problems that are common with missing teeth. If you have a removable partial denture, upgrading to a dental bridge that is applied by our Torrance dental bridges expert provides a permanent solution.

Our Torrance cosmetic dentist will conduct an in-depth consultation and evaluation to determine if a dental bridge is the right treatment for your missing teeth. A bridge may need to be re-cemented or replaced by our expert in dental bridges in Torrance if normal wear and tear begins to degrade the quality.

Learning how to care for a dental bridge is important to maintaining its strength and durability. Regular brushing and flossing routines do not have to change. Since the dental bridge is permanently installed, you can brush and floss normally each day without separate cleaning methods compared to dentures or partials. Routine dental cleanings from our Torrance dentist are still required to help remove bacterial growth or plaque that can discolor your bridge and surrounding teeth.