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Orthodontic procedures are a beneficial way to treat problems with the alignment of the teeth. When the teeth are out of alignment, this situation can create issues with the bite and also make it very difficult to effectively brush and floss the teeth.

Our Torrance braces expert can properly fit the teeth of any member of your family with braces, which will straighten alignment problems and reposition the teeth so that they will be attractive and straight.

Traditional metal braces are usually the choice for children who have alignment or crowding issues. If you have a child with one of these problems, our orthodontist in Torrance will expertly fit wire braces on your child’s teeth. Progress will be closely watched over the next one to three years, which is usually the length of time that is required to properly reposition the teeth. When adjustments are needed, as they may be periodically, our Torrance braces orthodontist will do whatever is required to ensure that the braces are always fitting correctly. If there is any discomfort over the course of treatment, adjustments will also be made so that the braces will always be as comfortable as possible for your child to wear.

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Our dentist in Torrance will also instruct your child on the appropriate way to brush their teeth while braces are being worn so that proper dental hygiene will be maintained. When treatment has been completed and the braces are removed, your child will have straight teeth and an attractive smile. With regular dental visits and good oral hygiene habits, your child will have teeth that will last him or her throughout their life time.

There are also procedures for straightening the teeth of adults. If you have an alignment or crowding issue with your teeth, our expert in braces in Torrance can fit you with invisalign. They are clear aligners that will not show when being worn, yet will still reposition your teeth and give you the alignment correction you need.

When crowding or alignment issues need to be dealt with, Dr. Mondavi has the proper orthodontic treatments to do the best job of repositioning crooked teeth.

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There are certain warning signs that an orthodontist is needed. Having more than one or two of these warning signs should lead to a consultation with our orthodontist in Torrance.

• Breathing through the mouth instead of nose
• Crowded teeth
• Difficulty speaking properly
• Grinding of teeth
• Difficulty chewing or biting
• Early or late loss of baby teeth

There are other warning signs that might also lead to a trip to our Torrance Orthodontic Office, but this is a good starting list. If you’re an adult and think you might be a good candidate for braces, don’t keep yourself away from the office. One in five people who wear braces are adults, and with the discreet treatment of Invisalign, there is no need to feel ashamed of straightening those teeth after all these years. See here.

After orthodontists work their magic and realign jaws and teeth to their proper positions, people notice the difference in many ways. Speech improves. Jaw and joint pain improves or disappears. Chewing becomes fun again or for some people, fun for the first time. People who don’t have alignment problems don’t appreciate just how much of a difference perfect alignment makes in everyday activities like eating and speaking.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of tooth or jaw misalignment, a visit to our orthodontic practice in Torrance can put you on the road to recovery. The procedures of today are far more advanced than they were even just twenty-five years ago, and you are sure to benefit from the new innovations in the field. All you have to lose is the pain and discomfort, which most of us can live without.

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