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For even the pickiest eater, the City of Torrance, California has a unique dining experience for everyone. We’ll look at a range of some of the best dining experiences from Italian to Japanese in Torrance so you can start making reservations ASAP. Many cuisines come from the original settlers in The History of Torrance.


For a taste of Italy with a Californian twist, look no further than Gaetano’s. This lively Italian restaurant has all of your classical Italian dishes with options for vegan and vegetarian diners. The menu has a wide range of Italian dishes with something for kids and diners who would like something a little more interesting than the more traditional Italian Fare. A reservation is highly recommended as Gaetano’s has a reputation for filling up quickly. 


For over 55 years, Benihana has been entertaining and feeding American’s a taste of Japanese culture with good food and good times. Benihana offers a unique experience in that the food you order is cooked right in front of you and the skilled chef creates exciting visuals and games for the whole table. Benihana is best enjoyed with a group of friends for unforgettable memories, but even two people can have a great time at this exiting restaurant.


If you like restaurants for their outstanding service, Chef Shafer and the Depot restaurant will fill your stomachs with good food and your face with smiles. Depot serves a wide range of American classics with an elevated twist that allows you to eat your favorite foods and feel fancy while doing so. Chef Shafer is praised as an outstanding cook and individual who even won the citizen of the year award for Torrance in 2012. 

Eat At Joe’s

Joe’s has been providing Californians with that classic diner flavor and atmosphere since 1969. From pancakes to salads, Joe’s offers a wide rang of breakfast and lunch options all at a reasonable price. The John Wayne special is named after the man himself who created a meal at Joe’s that you can order today to get a taste of what the duke himself likes for breakfast. 

Kings Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant 

If you have ever had one of those small, square rolls that have a hint of sweetness, this is where they came from. King’s Hawaiian sells their rolls all across American and their restaurant captures a taste of Hawaii and brings it to California. You can try some Kalua Pork or the Huli Huli Chicken that is sure to give you a taste of the island lifestyle. 

In-N-Out Burger

Known worldwide for their fries and burger, In-N-Out is a must see for anyone visiting California from outside the state. Order yourself a double-double with a drink and the famous animal style fries for a quick and affordable bite that you can brag about having to everyone back home. 

One will notice that there are many Things to do in Torrance. Torrance has a restaurant and meal for everyone at every price point. You may even bump into some of the Famous People From Torrance. Give the restaurant a call to ensure your seat is reserved and then just pick which amazing restaurant you plan on eating at while enjoying time in Torrance. If you have any teeth related issues, then visit your Torrance dentist – learn more. Afterwards, take a stroll down one of the many Beaches in Torrance.