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Visiting California means enjoying the sun and taking some time to relax at the beach. Thankfully for travelers, Torrance has many local beaches that offer a peasant experience and excellent views of the Californian coastline. 

Sunset Beach 

Just as the name suggests, Sunset Beach is a great location to take in the Californian sun and watch a beautiful sun set across the horizon. This expansive beach offers plenty of sand to walk around in or area to just pull out a towel and relax in. If you are feeling adventurous, there is a local Scuba school that will get you in the water and exploring the ocean like never before in a matter of hours. 

Palos Verdes Beach

The palm trees and rolling waves are plentiful at Palos Verdes Beach where you can soak up the sun or hit the waves with equal success. Many surfers praise this beach for its excellent surfing conditions and waves that leave them coming back consistently to perfect their craft. The flowers and palm trees also offer a beautiful view of the area with an elevated parking lot to watch the sunset from. 

Torrance Beach 

When you want to spend the whole day at the beach and need thee amenities to do so, Torrance beach has you covered. The large beach offers plenty of space so even the most reserved beachgoer can find some space to get their peace and quiet. Some of the facilities at this beach include bathrooms, showers, volleyball nets, and lots of parking to allow you to stay around all day without having to drive and find a bathroom. 

Bluff Cove 

Bluff cove provides the adventurer and explorer with plenty of opportunities fun at its basin. The cove itself is fairly small with lots of rocks, but the water is what people go for. The waves are great for surfing and many scuba divers like to explore the area surrounding the cove. There are several scenic trails to explore that provide excellent views of the nature and sea. The lack of crowds and stunning views make this a definite sight to see when you are exploring the area.

Abalone Cove 

If you enjoy a good hike and are good with timing your adventures, then you can head to Abalone cove to see what lies beneath the sea when the tide is out. The protected area means that there won’t be any serious human activity and allows the wildlife to be free and untapped. When the tide rolls out, the small pools and intricate rock formations are revealed to expose a whole new world that can only be seen if you time it right.

A word of Advice

No matter which beach you choose to explore and take in The History of Torrance and the views, we recommend going at a time that is not too busy to get the most out of your experience. Also, take time to learn about the Famous People From Torrance. Don’t forget, as the world gets busier and more frantic, take some time to put down your phone and just watch the beauty of what California’s best beaches have to offer! Not to mention, give some time to the many Best Restaurants in Torrance.