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What You Should Do about Tooth Abscess

What You Should Do about Tooth AbscessAn abscess is a localized infection often characterized by a collection of dead tissues, pus, and bacteria. When a tooth becomes abscessed, the infection can damage the bone surrounding the tooth and cause severe throbbing or shooting pains, which may worsen when you bite or chew.

Tooth decay is often the initial cause of a dental abscess. The bacteria that decay the tooth are able to access the inner structures once the cavity is severe enough. As the bacteria break down the tissues, the infection overwhelms the tooth’s inner chambers. Other causes of dental abscesses include dental trauma and severe gum disease. If you have a dental abscess, Dr. Mondavi might recommend a root canal treatment.

A root canal is a treatment designed to remove the dead tissues and abscess within the tooth. This procedure is highly effective at providing nearly immediate pain relief, but if the infection is severe, you may experience some continuing tenderness. Antibiotics can be prescribed to resolve the infection as the tooth heals.

After the abscess is drained and the dead tissues have been removed from the tooth, the root canal chambers will be sealed, and the tooth will typically be crowned. This allows the tooth to continue to function as usual.

Good dental hygiene and scheduling a dental exam at least every six months are the best ways to reduce your risk of suffering a dental abscess. Call our office today to learn more or to make an appointment with Dr. Mondavi.

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