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Western Dental Insurance Dentist Torrance

Western Dental Insurance Dentist Torrance

Dental care is important to maintain for the whole family. Orthodontic treatments are recommended for children as young as age seven. Finding attentive and prosperous dental care should be as much of a priority for you and your family as any other health care coverage. 

Dr. Mondavi, Western dental insurance dentist, offers an array of dental health options, starting with early orthodontic treatments to ensure your child does not develop harmful pathologies. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments can nudge your child toward full orthodontic health in adolescence. For teens and adolescents, keeping a regular schedule of exams and cleanings in Torrance can defend against cavities and gum disease. Orthodontic tools like braces and Invisalign are essential to our program of family dentistry in Torrance.   

The following services are guaranteed by our Western dental insurance dentist

Oral exam 

Complete series of x-rays 

Adult cleaning 

Surface fillings 



Comprehensive orthodontics 

In addition, we provide restorative consultations and procedures. These include full or partial dentures, and full mouth restorations incorporating everything from fixed bridges to porcelain veneers.  

Our dental services in Torrance emphasize prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. As many as 80 percent of Americans experience some form of gum disease, which can lead to other systemic complications like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.  

Preventive dentistry is not limited to the dental office. Education is critical for both new patients and dental veterans. We encourage questions on any topic, as our Western dental insurance dentist is hospitable to everything from financial planning to materials used.  

If you have Western dental insurance, you have access to individual or family coverage. It is also a known provider of quality and far-reaching care to employees. Payment plans are in place for both braces and dental implants, which is the preferred method of restoration at our practice.  

As with most major providers, the goal of Western dental insurance is lower out-of-pocket costs and lower annual premiums. And working with the best in the business is our pleasure.