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(424) 337-1038
For a couple of years I have needed major reconstruction, but was paranoid of Novocain injections and the complete dental process. Last year I decided to go to UCLA Dental School and have a little bit done at a time, which turned to be a horrible experience. I met Dr. Mondavi and immediately trusted him and his staff. I ended up having 10 crowns and two partials. Now you know how bad a shape I was in. After 4 visits I was truly amazed at how good my teeth looked and felt.

Gary Dobbs
Finally I found a dentist that cares and really helps people, and his staff they are wonderful and I'm very happy and thankful to Dr. Mondavi.

Elizabeth Dobbs
After my previous experiences with area dentists this was a great change! The staff was friendly & experienced, Dr was concerned but not bossy. - 5/12/10

Sarah McNeal
The office staff is very professional and extremely polite. Everyone makes sure that you are comfortable at all times. It is like a happy family.

Nicole Richardson
The staff here are so friendly and they make each visit to the dental chair, which can be pretty disturbing, something that is less terrifying. I am more than pleased with the service I have received! Highly recommended! 06-10-2010

Michael Jimenez
My intense fear of seeing the dentist has diminished a great deal. Dr. Mondavi's staff is excellent & Mr. Mondavi's way is also excellent. I can now smile - what a difference!!! -06/10/2010

Onofre di Stefano
Dr. Mondavi treats me with great care and is very much concerned with my comfort level during any procedure as well as after. The information he and his staff provide makes me feel asured they all know what they are doing and I feel confiedent under there care. - 06/10/10

Evelyn Pineda
Excellent staff, very patient and friendly and the quality of work is second to non. I have recommened Dr. Mondavi and his team to everyone I know and have tried to have them switch insurance just so they can go to them. - 06/15/10

Mealing Medrano
Good service - 6/15/10

Ana Tatge
Its nice to walk into an office where everbody knows your name. I appreciate Dr. Mondavi and his staff's dedication to quality care and overall patient well-being. - 06/06/10

Valery Satterwhite
Thank you the entire staff! They really made this rather "unpleasant" experience much more pleasant! Thanks to them my teeth are back to being perfect. - 06/21/10

Rashi Jacobson
I am happy & satisfied with all staff, very polite & professional highly recommended to all my friends - 06/21/10

Art Duarte
I think that the staff is GREAT! The mood of the office is very relaxing. I also LOVE the music. May GOD continue to Bless you all. - 06/23/10

Cassandra Oliver
Dr. Mondavi and his staff of professionals are very courteous and attentive to patients needs. It is a first class office.

Chris Brothers
Very good service and professional. - 06/22/10

Gordon Zuther