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Teeth Whitening in TorranceA white, bright smile can also brighten your entire appearance. If you feel that your teeth could benefit from a bleaching, teeth whitening in Torrance dental office is available. You do not have to feel embarrassed over a lackluster smile when tooth bleaching can transform it.

The passage of time will dull the teeth. Certain foods also leave deposits behind that will create a staining, and even medications, such as tetracycline, can stain the teeth. Smoking is also a culprit that can create yellow and brown discolorations. If your teeth are not looking as white as they once were, a teeth whitening in Torrance may be just what you need to bring back the brightness to your smile.

Our cosmetic dentist in Torrance can whiten your teeth in about two visits. During the first visit, molds will be made of your teeth so that properly sized trays can then be crafted. When you come into the office for your second visit, you will try on your custom-fitted trays to ensure that they are correctly sized. Our Torrance cosmetic dentist will give you a special whitening solution that you will use when you wear your trays at home. This solution will be of a higher strength than what you can purchase in your local stores. You will be given whatever instructions you may need about the proper way to wear your trays.
Teeth whitening treatments in Torrance dental office are very popular. If you want to bring beauty and shine back to your teeth, try one of these treatments.
You can wear the trays either twice a day for thirty minutes at a time or overnight. Depending on how much staining there is, you may have to wear your trays for a few weeks. Teeth whitening in Torrance office will also involve an evaluation of caps, crowns and fillings after your procedure is finished, as such dental work is not affected by bleach and will remain the same color as before your procedure. If any restorations need to be replaced, it will be done at this time.

Torrance Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments in Torrance dental office is a beneficial procedure to brighten your teeth, especially if you have a special event coming up in near future. But the procedure does not have permanent results, and you might want to have the treatment repeated occasionally to keep your teeth looking attractive.

With regular visits to our cosmetic dentist in Torrance, good oral hygiene habits at home and occasional teeth bleaching treatments, you will always have a beautiful smile with sparkling teeth.
Our Torrance cosmetic dentist can make any set of teeth shiny and bright, no matter how dull they are. Contact us at (310) 331-8823 to make an appointment.
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