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Smile Saver Dental Insurance Dentist Torrance

Smile Saver Dental Insurance Dentist Torrance

Routine dental care is just as important for your smile and body as routine health care is for the rest of your body. Studies have linked poor dental health with a number of adverse health outcomes ranging from high blood pressure and weight gain to preterm birth and dementia. A good dental plan can make dental care more accessible by ensuring it is affordable. Dr. Mondavi, our Smile Saver dental insurance dentist in Torrance, offers complete dental care for patients of all ages.  

Smile Saver dental plans feature two free dental cleanings every year as well as affordable exams, X-rays and other essential services, including:  

Dental sealants, fluoride treatments and other preventive care 

Dental fillings 

Dental extractions 

Root canal therapy 

Porcelain crowns 

Dental crowns 

Dentures and partials 

Dental implants 

Periodontal therapy 


Cosmetic dentistry 

Dr. Mondavi, our Smile Saver dental insurance dentist, can help you customize your treatment plan to get the smile you have always dreamed of having.  

Unlike conventional insurance plans, the Smile Saver dental plan gives you unlimited access to discounted services. There are no restrictions regardless of pre-existing conditions, age or other factors. You will have no waiting period, no claim forms, no annual maximums and unlimited savings on all the dental services you need. 

Anyone can sign up, and you can even add all members of your immediate family, domestic partners, dependents and new family members living in your household. Dr. Mondavi, our Smile Saver dental insurance dentist, offers family-friendly dentistry for patients of all ages, including pediatric patients, and can manage the dental care needs of each member of your family or household. 

You can use your Smile Saver plan in addition to any other dental plan you currently have. Dr. Mondavi, our Smile Saver dental insurance dentist, accepts a variety of insurance plans and will work with you to maximize your benefits. We can work with you to correct functional problems, improve your dental health and create a beautiful, glowing smile.  

Whether you need a new dental home or just want to fix a few dental flaws, Dr. Mondavi, our Torrance cosmetic dentist, can help. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation with our team.