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Safeguard HMO Dental Insurance Dentist Torrance

Safeguard HMO Dental Insurance Dentist Torrance

The right dental insurance plan can bring you peace of mind. Even with excellent dental habits, unexpected dental issues can lead to high costs. You might find yourself with a cavity, a lost restoration, a chipped tooth or another serious dental need. Regular dental care can reduce your risk of dental problems and your overall dental costs. Dr. Mondavi, our Torrance Safeguard HMO dental insurance dentist in Torrance, offers quality dental care upon which you can rely.  

Safeguard HMO dental care has been designed to provide patients with the coverage they need. Dr. Mondavi, our Safeguard HMO dental insurance dentist, offers complete dental care for children and adults alike as well as restorative, preventive and cosmetic treatments. With an HMO, you will not need to worry about claims forms, and you can enjoy a broad level of coverage with clear benefits.  

Some of the many covered procedures available through Dr. Mondavi, our Safeguard HMO dental insurance dentist, include:  

White fillings, which are used to restore teeth with cavities or to replace worn metal fillings 

Dental implants, which are used to replace lost teeth and to support crowns, bridges or dentures 

Dental veneers, which cover unsightly teeth and improve the overall look of your smile 

Dental sedation, including nitrous oxide, IV sedation and general anesthesia, which can help anxious or nervous patients get dental care comfortably and can improve the quality of care for patients with long or complex treatment needs 

You will only need to pay a single affordable copay for any covered treatment. Preventive care such as cleanings and dental checkups are also covered with simple copayments as are diagnostic benefits. Procedures with multiple services, such as root canals that are completed with a restoration, have clearly defined fee structures so that you know exactly what costs to expect upfront. 

Keeping your smile looking and feeling its best is simple with the right dental care plan and the right dentist. Call our Torrance dental office today to learn more about how you can get the smile you have always wanted and to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Mondavi, our Safeguard HMO dental insurance dentist.