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Oral Health for Seniors

Oral Health for SeniorsMaintaining good dental habits is important throughout life. However, as you age, your dental needs can change, and you may need to adapt your habits and lifestyle to better meet those needs. Our dentist provides dental care for patients of all ages, and Dr. Mondavi can help you preserve and protect your smile for life.

Fluoride is added to many dental products and municipal water supplies, but this is a relatively recent development. If you did not get enough fluoride as a child or young adult, your teeth may be at a higher risk of decay. Decay in older adults often begins around the borders of fillings and dental crowns, but another high-risk area is the roots. The roots of your teeth are normally protected by gums, but gum tissue can recede due to age, gum disease, or other issues, leaving your roots exposed and vulnerable.

Another dental issue facing many seniors is dry mouth. Although dry mouth is not directly associated with age, it disproportionately affects older adults. Dry mouth is often caused by health problems such as diabetes, but is also frequently a side effect of medications. Saliva does more than just keep your mouth comfortable. It also protects your teeth from decay and prevents infection.

Good dental hygiene is the first step to keeping your smile healthy as you age, but you might need to take a few extra steps. Fluoride mouth rinses or treatments can act as an additional buffer against tooth decay. More frequent checkups are useful for monitoring your mouth for signs of periodontal disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in older adults. If you notice any changes, let Dr. Mondavi know right away so that we can take action. The sooner you act, the more quickly we can take steps to prevent more serious problems from developing. Call our office today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.

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