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Habits That Can Damage Your Teeth

Habits That Can Damage Your TeethHealth dental habits are necessary for healthy teeth, but not all so-called healthy habits really are good for your teeth. Dr. Mondavi can help you learn more about protecting your smile and avoiding those habits that could be doing more harm than good.

1. Brushing too soon
Brushing after meals is good for your teeth, but brushing immediately after a meal can damage the enamel. When you eat, your mouth becomes more acidic as a result of bacterial activity. This acid softens your teeth, and brushing before the acids are neutralized by saliva can lead to microscopic scratches on the enamel. For the best results, wait about thirty minutes to an hour before brushing, and use a soft-bristled brush to get your teeth clean, but not damaged.

2. Drinking fruit smoothies
Fruit smoothies are popular because they can be packed full of fruit and nutrients, but these treats are also usually full of sugar and natural fruit acids, which can be hazardous to your teeth. If you must have a smoothie, use a straw to reduce the contact between your teeth and the drink, and flush your mouth with water afterwards. Remember to brush thoroughly to remove any plaque and bacteria that could be left on your teeth.

3. Drinking wine
Wine is good for your heart, but it can damage your teeth. It not only leaves unsightly dental stains, but also erodes enamel with strong acids. This increases your risk of tooth decay, sensitivity, and other dental problems. Swish with water after drinking wine, and limit yourself to just one to two glasses a day.

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