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Dottore excellente buenisimo! Dr. Mondavi is very professional and considerate. He explained everything that was wrong and needed to be done thoroughly, compliments to the staff as well. This is the ...
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Dentist Torrance CADr. Robert Mondavi, dentist in Torrance, CA, is highly skilled in all aspects of dentistry, from the very basics to more involved procedures. He is current on all of the new technological advances in modern dentistry. Whatever type of dental needs you or any members of your family may have can be handled by Dr. Mondavi competently and successfully.

There are many techniques now available in cosmetic dentistry for restoring less than perfect teeth and bringing the smile up to full potential. Teeth whitening procedures, porcelain veneers, Invisalign aligners and porcelain crowns are all available through Dr. Mondavi, dentist in Torrance, CA. He can give you the smile of a lifetime.

Periodontal disease can be successfully treated, so that the gums will once again be healthy and free of infection. A missing tooth can be replaced with a dental implant, and multiple missing teeth can be replaced with partial or full dentures. Cavities are now filled with tooth-colored material that will not stand out and be noticeable.

Do you want to have healthy and beautiful teeth? Dr. Robert Mondavi, dentist in Torrance, CA can provide any dental treatment and preventive care you may need.

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Children also need regular dental visits to keep new teeth coming in straight and strong. Dr. Robert Mondavi, dentist in Torrance, CA, is great with children and knows how to put them at ease and make them feel comfortable. He will explain everything to them so that they have an understanding of the dental work. Dr. Mondavi will also instruct them on how to care for their teeth at home.

Regular dental visits with exams and cleanings are the best way to maintain healthy dental hygiene. Dr. Mondavi will monitor the condition of teeth and gums at every visit to ensure that no problems are developing. And if a problem does arise, your dentist in Torrance, CA is right there to diagnose and treat it so that the mouth will be restored to good health and everything will be in proper balance.

Poor dental hygiene can create loss of teeth and bone. Other medical problems, such as heart disease, can also occur as a result of bacteria resulting from gum disease traveling through the bloodstream to other areas of the body. So proper dental hygiene is very important, and with Dr. Mondavi you can have peace of mind knowing healthy teeth and gums will be the outcome.

If you want to have a smile that adds to your self-confidence, call (310) 331-8823 to make an appointment with Dr. Mondavi.
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$1,000 Blue Sky Family Dental Scholarship

Dr. Robert Mondavi is an advocate for excellence in academics and he champions the value of education through supporting dental students around the nation.

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Dr. Robert Mondavi, Torrance dentist and Redondo Beach dentist, offers dental services such as,
Cleaning and Prevention, Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontal, Restorations and Orthodontics. Providing dental treatment in Torrance,
Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, South Bay, Gardena, Lawndale and in zip codes 90501, 90503, 90504 and 90505.

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