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Dental Implants Torrance Dental implants are a permanent solution for lost teeth. The implants are not removable like dentures after they are placed. Implants create a replacement for the lost tooth root when teeth are missing. The root is usually constructed from a titanium post that is placed into a healthy and supportive jawbone by our Torrance dentist. This placement provides stability and the proper stimulation to your gum line when chewing foods. Dental implants are finished with a porcelain crown to create a tooth that is permanent and functions naturally.

The placement of dental implants provides a strong and durable replacement for your natural teeth. The implants are designed to last for many years, but may need adjustments or replacement due to injuries or standard wear and tear.

Implant Special Why Choose Dental Implants

• One or More Teeth Need Replaced
• To improve Bite Problems
• Restore Smile Damage and Confidence
• To Improve Speech, Eating and Eliminate Pain
• Improve Facial Tissue
• To Secure a Bridge or Denture

Dental Implants Procedure

The "dental implants" procedure requires several visits spread out over a period of several months. This completes several phases of the dental implants process to restore your smile.

Our Torrance cosmetic dentist will examine your teeth and take digital x-rays. The digital x-rays are evaluated to help define the health of your gum tissue and jawbone that are essential for placing the implants. Impressions of your teeth are also made to learn the exact spacing that is available for implants. The area where the implant will be placed is prepped and the implant will be placed into the jawbone.

After this application, the implant will be healed and will fuse to the bone in a process called Osseointegration for a period of about six months. The type of implant that is selected may require an additional procedure for placement.

When the implant has healed correctly, a dental crown is constructed and placed onto the implanted post. This portion may require several different fittings and can last up to two months in length. When the dental implants are completely healed, the dental crowns are permanently attached to provide a permanent and attractive upgrade to your smile.

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