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Dental Care While Pregnant

Dental Care While Pregnant

Did you know that your dental health during pregnancy can affect the health of your growing baby? Studies have demonstrated a link between periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes, underscoring the importance of proper dental care during pregnancy. Some women avoid going to the dentist during pregnancy out of concern for potential adverse effects, but according to ACOG, dental treatment is safe and appropriate during pregnancy.  

 If you are pregnant, you can take steps to protect your teeth and gums. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, which feed oral bacteria and increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Use fluoride toothpaste to brush teeth at least twice a day, and clean between your teeth daily. If you vomit or have severe gastric reflux, rinse with water regularly, but avoid brushing for half an hour after your teeth have been exposed to stomach acids. You can use xylitol or fluoride treatments to help protect your teeth from the acidic environment.  

Watch for bleeding gums, which are common during pregnancy. Pregnancy gingivitis occurs when hormone levels increase blood flow to the gums and make them more sensitive to bacteria. Improved dental hygiene and a professional cleaning can stop the bleeding. If you have other symptoms of dental problems, such as a cavity or an abscessed tooth, do not hesitate to seek care. Studies have shown that a diagnostic dental X-ray with proper protection will not have harmful effects on the fetus, but the risks of untreated dental problems can pose risks both to the woman and her pregnancy. Call our office today to learn more about dentistry during pregnancy or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Rassouli.

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