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5 Things that Happen When You Don’t Brush

5 Things that Happen When You Dont BrushBrushing your teeth is not an optional task. It is the most effective way to remove plaque – the sticky, colorless biofilm that is full of bacteria and constantly growing on your teeth. However, you might be tempted to skip a night of brushing and fall straight into bed after a late night of work or socializing. What is the worst that can happen?

The oral bacteria that live in plaque are to blame for tooth decay and gum disease. These bacteria can do a lot of damage, especially at night when saliva flow decreases. Your breath will be especially bad in the morning because your mouth will be overloaded with bacteria, which have been busily reproducing all night long. Plaque levels will be off the charts, and your teeth and tongue will likely feel gross and fuzzy. A good brushing in the morning should help get you back on track after a single misstep, but regularly skipping your dental hygiene can have seriously detrimental effects on your dental health, including:

1. Stress
Stress can increase your risk of dental health problems, and poor dental hygiene just aggravates matters. Take a break from the stress to brush, floss, and rinse, and your minty fresh breath might just give you a refreshing little lift.

2. Diabetes
Regular exposure to high bacteria levels can contribute to difficulty regulating blood sugar, which can make it harder for diabetics to control their condition. Gum disease has been linked to diabetes, too, so keeping your mouth healthy might just help you keep your body healthier.

3. Heart disease
If the bacteria in your mouth are able to reach your bloodstream through bleeding gums, a common symptom of gingivitis, it can trigger plaque buildup in your arteries. This increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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